Artist and Maker

Sophie Handy




Created for The Big Hoot, Birmingham

Currently located in Birmingham Cathedral Square

Disco flies the nest....


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Sophie’s work is rooted in connecting people with spaces and encouraging their interaction with the wider collective. This owl reflects her reminiscent passion for the dance scene with a light hearted suggestion of the classic disco ball. The random mirror shapes seek to invite people to move and play with the design and see the distorted reflections of themselves and their surroundings within the wise old owl.


Looking to create a purpose for her art, Sophie plays with the concept of bringing the night owl to share its light for the imminent assembly throughout the city. The party owl would like a colourful spot on the scene and promises to be a sparkling accomplice to the parliament.


Disco Owl AKA Owl by Night is one 89 owls which can be seen across the city, you can follow the trail by using The Big Hoot Trail Map

Handy made with love :)

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