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Ladybird Funk

An inspired creation for Return To Nature Festival 2019

Ladybird Funk was created especially for a beautiful festival in Holders Lane Woods, Birmingham. An inspired design driven by the desire to create an interactive sound sculpture that could bring people together in a fun and playful way. 

Created using up-cycled materials, this giant bohemian beetle housed a quirky mixture of preloved pots and tins with rubber skins and jingles and tingles to explore and play- using in-built drum sticks and rubber mallets. 

The Ladybird Funk welcomed people of all ages to return to their tribal nature by making and sharing some beats as one.   

Rainbow Peacock

Created with The Hobmoor Ladies at Oasis Community Hub, for Stetchford Art Trail 2018, Birmingham 

I was introduced to a group of inspiring ladies who had a vision of a rainbow peacock, a Qos-e-Qaza Moor. I worked with the growing group for 2 months during which we shared stories and food together whilst this colourful creature evolved in our hands. It was a beautiful project and a privilege to work with such passionate and creative people and help bring their vision to fruition.

The Rainbow Peacock was one of ten pieces created for the trail and can still be found at Blakesley Hall.


You can see the original design drawing, the making of the peacock and more pictures here. 

Simmer Down Festival

Butterfly created for Birmingham's flagship free Reggae Festival, Handsworth Park, 2019 

Sponsored by Crafting Community. 

Light as a feather

Private commission for Worcestershire garden. Designed by Sophie Handy, 2017. 

Galvanished and powder coated steel, stained glass, lead, grout, copper patina.  

Special thanks to Harbrook Engineering and Gavin Lewery for the metal work,

Archy Big Wheels, Chris Handy, Paul Green and Wayne Earp for installation support.  

Mirror mosaic commissions

Dad's Birthday Hare, Disco aka Owl By Night created for The Nig Hoot Birmingham and Johnny Rotter created for Moor Otters, Dartmoor National Park. 

Please check out my gallery pages to see more of my work :) 

With love, colour and magic at Bolan's Primary School, Antigua, West Indies. 

Handy made with love :)


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